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Broadly, my approach can be described as integrative and holistic. This means that I rely upon various psycho-therapeutic methods and research-based / evidence-based models that are combined to create a personalized approach to our work together.  

Currently, my clinical care is focused in two areas:  working with individuals and with couples.  While Somatic Experiencing ® (SE) informs all of my work, I mainly use this modality while working with individuals interested in restoring balance following a broad base experience of trauma that may include chronic / toxic stress, childhood abuse / neglect, sexual assault, interpersonal violence, medical illness / surgery, motor vehicle accidents, falls, natural disasters, among many others. SE is a gentle approach that incorporates building awareness of the “felt-sense” of the body and uses that wisdom to develop a more cohesive, integrated experience which leads to a greater sense of peace, well-being and safety. 

When working with couples, I utilize an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  EFT is an attachment-based method that honors our primal and evolutionary need for connection with others.  Often, when we have experienced hurt in the context of relationships – through a lack of availability, betrayal or conflict – we struggle to maintain a connection that feels safe and fulfilling.  EFT offers a gentle way of restoring a safe connection which leads to a greater experience of shared well-being.  I am trained at the highest level of EFT. 

Other influences in my work include:​

  • Humanistic Psychology - a strengths-based approach that focuses on each person's potential while stressing the importance of growth and self-actualization

  • Buddhist Psychology - exploring the role that happiness and equanimity play in psychological health, the cultivation of powerfully beneficial states of mind and body and effective meditative practices and mindfulness techniques

  • Mindfulness training - paying attention moment-by-moment with an attitude of openness, acceptance and non-judgment

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - paying attention to the relationship between our thoughts and how those thoughts make us feel and behave

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