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As we are unbound from the past, a future with abundant possibilities unfolds.  

Our ability to remain in the present expands, revealing the timeless essence of the now.


Individual Psychotherapy

I believe that the experience of individual psychotherapy is akin to a sacred journey.  We work together to build a relationship based on mutual respect and trust.  I utilize my training, education and experience to support you in your process of healing and integration.  This co-operative experience leads to the creation of a safe, supportive space where you can gently explore your experiences, learn to trust your intrinsic wisdom and make connections based on increasing awareness.  Approaching our work together with a spirit of curiosity and patience allows space for you to move through the process at your own pace while trusting that you have a guide to accompany you who will support you in maintaining an embodied presence.  This is the key to really effecting long lasting change. 


Several approaches to therapy encourage the re-telling of traumatic material without time or attention to the "felt sense".  This can result in an experience that is ineffective at best and re-traumatizing at worst.  Working from a place of embodiment allows the brain and body to work in coordination and creates opportunity for repair and integration.  We know that we can't rewrite history but we can make sense as to why certain emotions or experiences seem to be repeating in ways that are disruptive to your life and relationships.

I utilize a blend of techniques and models to create an individually tailored approach to your care.  I start with a basic framework rooted in neuroscience and attachment theory.  Building upon that, I use a foundation of somatic healing that works on a physiological level to restore wellness.  Body-oriented therapists understand that the symptoms that lead people to therapy are often the result of an overwhelmed nervous system.  This experience of overwhelm is often experienced as heightened anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, dissociation, disrupted relationships and a whole host of other challenges.  Focusing on nervous system stabilization through the use of Somatic Experiencing®, mindfulness, movement and other modalities helps restore balance while resolving fight, flight, freeze survival cycles.  We can begin to experience greater resiliency, have an increased capacity to manage stress, an improved ability to manage strong emotions and feel more present in our lived experience and in our relationships.  Many people report having an improved sense of feeling safe in the world or just feeling more at ease in their daily functioning.  Other approaches I include are Humanistic Psychology, Buddhist Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy® and Circle of Security®.​


My practice is currently limited to adults, 18 years and older.  Sessions are conducted in the office or via videoconference using HIPAA compliant software.  

Peter Levine

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