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The path of waiting and listening forgoes certainty and exposes us to a sense of tentative unknowing, which is often uncomfortable at best.  This may only be tolerable when we have developed some degree of trust in the inherent healing capacity built into the human system and the power of interpersonal receptivity to animate the process.  For most of us, this trust arrives because we have experienced it ourselves and can now embody it for others.​

Bonnie Badenoch

Consultation & Supervison
Supervison should be a safe place where you can process your thoughts and feelings, take risks in exploring your interventions and decisions and ultimately, provide a supportive space in which you can develop greater insight and self-awareness. Supervision in the work place is often challenging because of the inherent conflict that arises between creating a space that allows for the vulnerability required to build your clinical skill set while holding you accountable for job performance.  Those two experiences are often in direct conflict
Clinical consultation is designed for professionals who are seeking additional support in processing challenging situations or client interactions.  Often mirroring the supervisory relationship, consultation differs in that it is more collaborative and ultimately, the decision-making and response rests with the Clinician.
Coaching is offered for professionals looking to develop their own private practice.  I started my private practice renting a small space within a physician's office and doing it part-time while working full time in the non-profit sector.  I quickly became too busy to manage both and took the leap to transition to private practice full time.  Almost 11 years later, we have expanded and now offer care in 3 locations with 12 exceptional clinicians working in the practice.  I can offer you the tools to get started while supporting your business goals and sharing all the things I wish I knew when I started.  Some services include website development, identifying your ideal client, tailoring your website to attract that group of clients, networking support and business plan development.
Contracting - If starting your own private practice doesn't feel like a good fit for you - we are ALWAYS looking for talented clinicians to join our team.  We manage all of the back-end responsibilities such as credentialing, billing, managing insurance claims and providing referrals.  This is kind of the perfect blend of working autonomously while being part of a supportive group practice.  If our philosophy is similar to yours and you are interested in joining our practice, send us a note.  We'd love to hear from you.
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